NCEA Level2 English

I am doing English NCEA Level2 from correspondence, just need to know what is 91101, 91105, 91106?
any help would be great.Thanks

Hi ad10er
These are the official numbers for three of the English achievement standards on NZQA.

91101 Produce a selection of crafted and controlled writing is English 2.4.

91105 Use information literacy skills to form developed conclusion(s) is English 2.8.

91106 Form developed personal responses to independently read texts, supported by evidence is English 2.9.

See here for the level 2 English standards and internal and external assessment resources.

Also to Learn about a standard go to this page on Studyit for information and revision materials on the English Level 2 standards.

I hope this helps.

Thank you Maths Teacher for reply :slight_smile:
I want to know what sort of study material I can use, I have not done my Schooling here.

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Hiya ad10er
Welcome to Studyit! Glad you have found us!
MathsTeacher has given you some great advice. The links will tell you what is required for each standard.

You will have been directed to do a task, I think. For all three standards there is a lot of personal choice - there are no ‘study’ materials so to speak, as these are not exam standards.

You need to choose

  • texts to read
  • a topic to research
  • two what pieces of writing you want to do.

What texts (books or films) have you studied this year?

Your Correspondence tutor will be able to assist too.