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Could you please give me some feedback on my Macbeth essay please?

Analyse how a relationship revealed strengths and/or weaknesses in a character

In the play, Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the relationship between Macbeth and king Duncan reveals strengths and weaknesses. The relationship between Ducan and Macbeth reveals flaws of weaknesses in Macbeth. It reveals Macbeth’s guilt and violence. This relationship also revealed that Macbeth chose the easy way to achieve his ambition of becoming king instead of earning it.

Macbeth’s flaw of violence is revealed in the play through Macbeth and Dunans relationship. At the beginning of the play, Duncan and Macbeth have a perfect relationship. Duncan honoured Macbeth for fighting the battle of Lumphanan and makes Macbeth the Thane of Cawdor. The ambition for power and strength and also manipulation from his wife Lady Macbeth got away with him. He is driven by the need for power which eventually sets him on a path to murder. 'Macbeth has murdered sleep" Macbeth is so guilty about what he has done to Duncan that he can’t sleep no more. This can show that he cared for Duncan and he feels extremely guilty for what he has done.

Macbeth may have murdered Duncan but he was conflicted by his manhood and Lady Macbeth. Macbeth is supposed to be a man who is brave and fearless. His manhood and conflict with others bring out the bad side of him but he also has a good side. The start of the play shows us his caring and loving side. King Duncan and Macbeth had a very good friend and Duncan trusted him very much. " for brace MacBeth, well deserves the name’’ This quote shows that he was loved by many people and he had a good side to him. King duncan brought out the good in Macbeth and his strenghs.

Macbeth and Duncans friendship was a very unloyal friendship. Macbeth and Duncans friendship also brought out the bad side in MacBeth. it wasnt Ducans fault that turned Macbeth into a unloyal friend. MacBeth was a very trustworthy and innconet person and this enabled him to get away with Ducans murder and steal the throne from him. This friendship showed us that it took one person to ruin a good friendship and conflict is a impact in every decion that MacBeth made. " foul is fair, and fair is foul" this qoute tells us that nothing is what it appears to be. Duncan thought he could trust MacBeth and they were loyal to each other but thats not what it appears to be.

King Ducan brought out the good in MacBeth, MacBeth was brave and loyal to everyone but one comment and one conflict can effect the good in MacBeth. In society, we are all good people but others can conflict us into being bad people and not doing the right thing. We all have a good side but that can change. Macbeth was a good person and Duncan brought out the strenths and the good person in him.

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Intro is addressing the question - although try to make it clearer - you say it reveals strengths and weaknesses, but then give examples of weaknesses only - try to make this clear.

You need to be unpacking your quotes a little more - you could include more, and then you need to explain more their impact - consider unpacking the words in your quotes, the tone created, how the reader reacts to the quote, what this reveals about the relationship in more depth, then how this reveals a weakness/strength.

You need to include more purpose of the author - Shakespeare does this to reveal…" “Here Shakespeare suggests to us that…” - this should be woven into every paragraph and is an important part of the marking criteria at Level 2.

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