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Hi! I was wondering get some feedback on what you thinks about the essay. Question was Analyse how the writer was used by language features to covey an idea or ideas. What grade you thinks that I can get for this?
Andrew Niccol’s film “Gattaca” utilizes a variety of techniques to express his concepts to the audience, including camera angles, costuming, camera shots, and symbolism. This aids the audience in comprehending the director’s point of view and how he wishes to represent the characters, setting, and story development. This contributes to the main idea of the film, which is set in a dystopian world with a discriminatory society. It is the chosen scene, Vincent calls Eugene and asks him to “be himself for the day,” knowing that they will go to his house and test the blood of whomever they find there. As a result, Eugene rushes up the stairs before the detectives arrive. He throws himself out of his wheelchair and drags himself up the stairs using only his upper body strength, arriving just as the doorbell rings. He only has a few moments to gather himself in a seated position before Anton and Irene arrive. This is where Irene finds out that there are two Jerome. This scene is packed with action as the investigator arrives at Jerome’s apartment, convinced that the man passing himself off as Eugene is the invalid Vincent Freeman in disguise, to test his blood and analyze his DNA.

Techniques 1 - Camera Angle
The director used camera angles to reflect society’s ideals. The camera angles provide the audience with a unique perspective on the scene. The chosen scene begins with Anton and Irene walking to the car, and before Irene gets in, Anton says, ``You don’t know who he is, do you, Irene?" This catches the audience’s attention because it explains what the action is about to happen, and Anton believes he knows Vincent better than Irene. That’s a minor detail, but it’ll be crucial in revealing Anton’s thoughts on Vincent. In a part of the chosen scene, Anton is shown looking at stairs from a low level camera angle, indicating that he believes he has discovered something. This is when he looks up from the stairs, he immediately stares at Eugene, who is starting to look nervous. It is used to show Eugene that he can’t hide the secret. Anton continued eye contact with Eugene. The moment that he looks away, he is smiling because Anton believes he will discover his invalid brother Vincent who is pretending to be valid Jerome Morrow aka Eugene’s real identity. The low camera angle conveys to the audience that our protagonist Vincent is at the bottom of society due to him being an invalid. His brother Anton, on the other hand, is valid, which implies he is at the top of society. By using low level camera angles, it shows that Anton is due to his genetic advantages, he believes he is superior to Vincent. The purpose of the low-angle camera shot is to force the audience to gaze up at Anton and down at Vincent. When the camera is pointed down at a character, they appear bigger, taller, and stronger, which gives them a more authoritative feeling which is the case for Anton. The approach helps illustrate that Anton has the power to end Vincent’s life in this scene, which links with the effect of the technique of camera angle helping the viewer get a better understanding of the theme of valid and invalid. By understanding, the term “valid” refers to a person who was born in a lab. When the DNA matches, the individual isn’t always the same. A person who is a “faith birth” or a “vitro birth” is referred to as “invalid”. This is the root of why Anton thinks of Vincent.

Techniques 2 - Costume
Costumes are used by the director to develop the characters in the film. This can aid the audience’s comprehension of the situation and the characters. Vincent is shown in the scene wearing conventional black or dark gray trousers, a tie, and a jacket with a white top, which reflects society’s demand for perfection. The costume is worn to boost a conformist society’s mood. All the persons shown working in the Gattaca office are dressed very similarly. They all wear navy or black suits with plain ties, with little indication of emotion or personal preferences. With the costume, for the character of Anton. This helps the audience comprehend that they are from the future by indicating that they are from the future. The similarities to his brother Vincent’s costume, but he’s usually wearing a long trench coat.In the section of the chosen scene, Anton is standing at the top of the stairs and Vincent is at the bottom of the stair, where the audience sees the costume. This director’s show used costumes to the ideas of uniformity and striving for perfection

Techniques 3 - Symbolism

The director has used symbolism to help the viewer understand the idea of a
dystopian society in a metaphorical sense as he has used them and their meanings to
show his ideas. When part of the chosen scene where Detective Anton withdraws
the syringe and immediately inserts a small amount of the blood into the portable analyzer he has. Naturally, it confirms that Eugene is Jerome. This also makes Anton look like a powerful figure who believes in the justice system of this society. This is shown by the way, he is portrayed by the director of Gattaca. In this chosen scene, Anton has the authority to interrupt Vincent’s life as an astronaut going to Titian ( Saturn’s Moon), which, linked with the influence of the symbolism technique, helped the audience recognize the idea of genetic modification vs. god’s children. This blood was an analyzer that relates to the idea of having a personal identity and birthright. An example of the director’s purpose of symbolism is that he wants to show how people treat you which uses the symbolism of blood. This also represents his ideas about DNA, making it appear as a movie title, which makes the movie itself a symbol of the director’s ideas. Furthermore, the emphasis on the letters “G,” “A,” “T,” and “C” in each cast member’s name in the opening credits emphasizes how important DNA is, which is the letter of the movie Gattaca. The four basic nucleotides in DNA are represented by letters. In this society, there is a lot of injustice, to the people who don’t have genetic modification. Looking at the deep meaning, the audience can understand discrimination against other people who do not have a genetic modification, showing that these are the beliefs of the society and that it is strict and unfair to them.

Techniques 4 - Camera Shot
The director shows many over-shoulder shown in the conversation between Jerome and Anton about the director’s death in the chosen scene. Over-shoulder allows the viewer to see the point of view of the character, which allows us to see the purpose. The purpose of the camera shot shoulder shot in the scene portrays the character’s action in the scene. In Gattaca, the over-shoulder allows Eugene’s body language in the scene to highlight the danger that Vincent faces if he is discovered. The audience must understand Eugene’s pressure not to reveal Vincent’s identity and his hope because Eugene playing his part allows Vincent to continue Jermone Morrow . The audience is tense as the scene progresses because they are unsure if Vincent’s secret is revealed. The viewer can see that the technique effectively shows the power of hope. Hope is the notion that our future can be brighter than our past, and that we can play a part in making that vision a reality. Hope plays an important role in the movie because the movie is based on Vincent’s hope to go to space. This is shown through the chosen scene, Which shows Eugene and Anton, which makes the film’s content more understandable. As you watch the dialogue progress, the back and forth camera angles for over-shoulder give the film segment a more natural sense. The over-shoulder camera approach had the effect of assisting the audience in gaining better comprehension of the situation, which is the power of hope.

In conclusion, Andrew Niccol has used elements such as camera shots, symbolism, camera angles and costume to portray his idea of a dystopian society. These elements
work together to set the time, setting and develop the characters. The camera angles throughout the film give off the effect of a dystory place. Most of the characters are shown wearing modern suits, this shows that they are average and that they wouldn’t wear something that grabs attention due to uniformity for it. That is shown by our protagonist Vincent’s way that he is dressed in the movie. The tension of the camera shot during the chosen scene had the audience on the edge of their seats. This makes the movie interesting and entertaining to watch. The symbols used all have real meaning in the movie as they do in real life, such as blood and DNA. The molecule that conveys genetic instructions in all living things is known by its chemical name, DNA. All these elements together help the audience get a better understanding of the story and also make the movie interesting to watch because it is a reality in the future. These effects give off the feelings the characters have to the audience, which helps them relate better to the story.

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In your intro you have clearly set up the “techniques” part of the question - but should aim to be a little clearer about what the idea/s are - remember that idea is another word for theme or message - so what message do you think the director is trying to convey ABOUT the discrimination in society for example?

You have some great understanding of your techniques and you unpack them with a lot of detail which is awesome.

Careful about repetitive analysis that does not add anything - EG - "This helps the audience comprehend that they are from the future by indicating that they are from the future. " - HOW does it indicate they are from the future though and why is this relevant? expand with more specifics.

In order to really get to a perceptive, insightful and original level - you will need to think about why these ideas are so important (for the viewer)- this should become a part of each paragraph. So, for example where you say about “The viewer can see that the technique effectively shows the power of hope. Hope is the notion that our future can be brighter than our past, and that we can play a part in making that vision a reality” - then you can continue by talking about why this is such an important idea for the audience to understand - even those of us who don’t live in a dystopian future! All of these ideas reflect things in our world - eg the discrimination idea - we may not use the terms “valid” and “invalid” - but in what other ways might we see similar discrimination?

I would suggest building more of an argument between your paragraphs by using connectives or connective phrases - for example “Furthermore” The director reinforces this…" “This is further developed through the use of” - this will help you link all the elements of your essay together better.

Hope that helps - you are on the right track!