I have some questions about answering the exam papers

We have to write an answer to a question, such as ‘describe an important setting in the text and explain/discuss how it helped you to understand key ideas’ and then we write our essay as the answer. I was wondering, for a setting question such as that, as it is setting (singular) could I choose a setting, then write about the settings within the setting? For example, Maycomb (as a city) then places within Maycomb where the idea is mainly set, eg. within Maycomb is the courtroom, and the classroom, etc. would this be allowed? or would I have to do Maycomb as a general location? I am just unsure as how to approach a question like this, and what is, and isn’t allowed as such.

Hi Ali055
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What a great question. Setting can be time or place or lots of things so you are quite right. How about thinking about the setting being historical-----a time when…This would let you then bring in the various specific settings, like the courtroom or the classrooms, which could give you further examples.
You want to gear your response to the theme, the main idea, which allows you to develop the perceptive or insightful response.