How to structure an essay

can some one please help me?
i have no idea how to structure a essay i am really struggling.

Hi 2020johkay,

Thanks for writing in.
So, start with the question. Identify exactly what it’s asking you to write about, then brainstorm everything you know about. Keep going till you run out of ideas. You may find that the act of writing down one idea makes you think of another. Don’t worry if you feel like your ideas aren’t good enough. Just write ‘em down anyway. That might help you to develop them or think more. Go back to the text you’re writing about. Find examples and/or quotes and add them to your plan. Doing that may also help you to think about the question more. Take your time with this if you’re doing it for homework. Don’t let yourself feel like you have to rush this process and get on with writing. Too many students end up handing in well structured essays that don’t actually say anything because they rush this part.

Once you have a set of ideas you’re happy with, check that they answer the question.
Then take each point from your brainstorm and develop it into a paragraph. That means, make sure you have made a statement that is focused on the question, that you have explained it clearly and that you have quoted from the text to illustrate what you mean. Each of your ‘body’ paragraphs should be structured like that.
You may have an idea of what order each of those paragraphs should go in as you write, or you may what to draft them first and then order them. Make sure they follow each other logically. You may need to start each one with a sentence like: “Another way in which the author….” Or, “Another important image in the text….” These help to connect the paragraphs.

“What about intro and conclusion?” I hear you ask. Again, it’s possible you’ll be able to write your intro first, but it’s also sometimes a good idea to do the body paragraphs first but it’s also ok to write your body paragraphs first and then go back and introduce them. Your intro needs to address the question, and each of the points you’re going to make in your body paragraphs. Your conclusion needs to sum up what you have said. You may have heard of the hamburger model? The intro and conclusion are the top and bottom bun. You can see the top bun and know exactly what to expect underneath it. The bottom bun is similar but a slightly different shape and supports what is above. The patties are the main points and the pickles and sauce are the examples and quotes.

Hope that helps. Remember you have time to perfect this skill. Take that time and be kind to yourself.