How to link ideas to wider society?

Hi, I am really confused with what wider society is and how to link the written text to it.
How are you meant to link ideas and thoughts in the written text to wider society? Can wider society be anything?

Kiā ora Charlotte
Links to the human condition and wider society etc are the things mentioned when the words insight and perception come up for Merit and Excellence. They need to be considered as integrated ideas not as add ons.
So if your question is about describing a conflict say and then explaining how the conflict develops an idea - then the links are looking at the wider concepts.
The conflict is between two characters and one has to choose not to follow blindly but stand up for what they believe - you give an example of this and then explain that it shows the idea of the importance of standing up against things which you see as morally wrong say.
Then you could go further and say—there are often times when our concepts of right and wrong are challenged and we need to decide how to react – if we react by caving in and following then we often lose a sense of pride in who we are and this could be damaging over time…or we may feel guilt at letting someone down and then we are faced with trying to make the situation better to get rid of the guilt. These sort of comments are putting your understanding in a wider context.
Generally speaking think of the texts your teacher has chosen to study as being worthy of making us better understand ourselves or the world …
Hope this helps.