How to draw ray diagrams for mirrors and lenses

Kia ora. Would you be able to help me to understand how to draw ray diagrams for mirrors and lenses, please?

Lets start with Mirrors first.
The standard requires you to draw ray diagrams for curved mirrors (plane mirrors Level 1).
So convex mirrors (curving outwards) and concave mirrors curving inwards.
There are terrific vidoes by Dr Marcus Wilson at this website.

  1. Convex Mirrors -
  2. Concave Mirrors - in two parts (as they are little more complex)

I would suggest mastering these first and then come back in here and ask about the lenses.

Some good recent mirror questions to test your knowledge are:
2019 1 a, c,
2018 1 d
2017 1 a d
These papers (and the schedules) can be found at:
Hope that helps you out JOLM

Thank you very much for the explanation and links.