Hi could i use the below examples as contrast in a LF question?

  • fairy coffin
  • wreathed in bloody newspaper
  • I hated you so much, she said softly

or is there somehow contrast in this excert: the little shoe box glistening with scarlet wallpaper and gilt like a fairy coffin. Inside it, there was the crabbed corspe of a still born child.
Do those two sentences contrast?

Kia ora Sophie17003

Not having read the whole text, from the lines you provided in bulletpoints, I don’t really see MUCH contrast - although if you are looking for language features - you might look at connotations of some of those words and dialogue in the third one.

The second example you give with the two sentences could be contrast - At first glance, there certainly seems to be a contrast between the beautiful description of the box, and the fantastical connotations, and the dark, revolting, sad tone f the second sentence.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: