Geometric reasoning help

Can I please get some advice about how to start solving this geometric reasoning question?! Very Happy

A hexagon has a side FG which is 8cm long. The area of this hexagon is 90cm2. It is similar to another hexagon. The side corresponding to FG on the other hexagon is 16cm long. What is the area of the other hexagon?

I tried to solve it by placing the similar lengths and areas in an equation:
8/90 = 16/x ∴ 8x=1440 ∴ x=180 ∴ the area of the other hexagon is 180cm2. But I don’t think this is right.

Thanks heaps, sorry for leaving all my questions so late

A hexagon with FG = 8 cm and is doubled to 16cm for a larger hexagon . The scale factor for length is 2, so the scale factor for the area is 22.
The new hexagon will have area
90×22 = 360 cm2.

In general:
If the length s.f = k, then area factor is = k2 and volume factor = k3.