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This essay will be about the novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck and will argue why the friendship between George Milton and Lennie Small was important in the text and will explain how their friendship helped me to understand one or more characters in the text. The novella begins with a friendship between two men Lennie Small and George Milton finding themselves running away from weed after Lennie grabbed a little girl’s dress causing the little girl to scream in fear. This led the duo to run away and search for work on a ranch during their time in search of a job. We learn that it is not the first time Lennie has caused trouble. This comes to show how strong their friendship is between each other because even though Lennie causes trouble George always stays with him while knowing full well that he’d be better off alone.

I think George and Lennies friendship was very important in the text, their friendship has shown how co-dependent of each other they are. For example George was the wise and thoughtful one and Lennie was the physically stronger one but more impulsive one. This comes to show how they survived and thrived for as long as they did because they have one another. Their friendship could even be described as the same relationship between a master and his dog because George being the wise one and more responsible he takes care of Lennie making sure he doesn’t get into trouble, provides him food and water, makes sure he’s healthy and happy while Lennie has to obey George and his commands or he gets scolded from George. A key moment of their friendship was when they talked and dreamed about buying a home of their own. This is a key moment because it allowed them to see a future together and a sense of belonging. The friendship of Lennie and Geaorge helped me understand George a little bit more due to how much Lennie meant to him this is shown when George says “You can’t keep a job, and you lose me ever’ one i get” but yet still continues to look after him. So this shows that George is really protective and loyal to Lennie by not giving up on him and by not abandoning him.

Goerge and Lennies relationship started a long time ago in Auburn, Alabama and we learn about a woman in the text called Aunt Clara. Aunt Clara was Lennie Aunt she adopted him and looked after him until she died. When Aunt Clara died George promised her that he would look after Lennie because he was handicapped, and from that day the both of them have been and stayed together. The nature of their friendship is that they both rely on each other as I have already said they depend on each other because George is the wise and responsible one who looks after Lennie and Lennie is the strong and more impulsive one who obeys him. Throughout the novella we learn just how important Lennie and George are to each other an example of this is when Curley threatens Lennie the first time he lays eyes on him and George tells Lennie to stay away from Curley and not to speak to him. This shows just how important Lennie is to George and how he doesn’t want Lennie to get in trouble nor get hurt from Curley.

Sadly George and Lennies friendship had to come to an end. As we learn that Lennie killed Curley’s Wife. During this time though we learn that their friendship is probably at its strongest as George has to make one of the hardest choices of his life does he either try to find Lennie and run away with him or does he just make a stop with all his trouble, but George knows that if Curley finds Lennie before he does Curley will torture and make Lennie pay for killing his wife and murder him in a more inhumane way whereas if George finds Lennie he could either try to run away or make a stop to the rest of Lennies troubles with a more merciful death.George makes a hard decision but ends up deciding to kill Lennie.

In conclusion the friendship between the two was very special and relevant to the text. Their friendship showed how important they were to each other and how dependent on each other they were. The relationship between Lennie and George showed us how Steinbeck wrote and empathized their friendship and highlighted how important it is to have a friendship.

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