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The film Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan highlights the ways that soldiers would do anything to survive. The film is full of struggle, hope, and fear which Nolan portrays using various film and sound techniques such as shepard tone and close ups. An important event that occurred during the film was Mr Dawsons decision to sail to Dunkirk and despite the obstacles in his way his determination got him to Dunkrik and back whilst saving many soldiers.

Dunkirk is a beach located in France, approximately 115km from England’s coast. It was 1940 during WW2 and German soldiers had invaded France, the English had come to help the French defend their country. German soldiers pushed the English and French to the beach of Dunkirk where the English were desperate to escape. Nolan created a film to emphasise the stress and struggle the English went through, making decisions and sacrifices.

Mr Dawson went out of his own way putting himself in danger to help the soldiers at Dunkirk. He set off on his own boat without any desire for assistance from the navy, he took life jackets and hot tea for comfort of the soldiers. “We’re heading into war George.”, Mr Dawson knew what he was getting himself into but his determination didn’t stop him. Nolan used Mr Dawson to symbolise the little hope the soldiers had at survival, while most just accepted their fate. Without people like Mr Dawson, the British soldiers wouldn’t have gotten back to England. They would have been trapped on the beach whilst the German soldiers closed in on them to attack. Because of all the people that took it upon their own hands to go help the soldiers at Dunkirk they survived and almost all made it back home.

Mr Dawson believed it was his duty to go and help the British soldiers fighting for their lives at Dunkirk. “You haven’t turned around?”, shivering soldier.
“No, we have a job to do.”
“Men my age dictate this war. Why should we send our children to fight it?”
Nolan uses this scene of dialogue to emphasise Mr Dawsons motive, having lost his eldest son to the war he doesn’t wish any other parent to have to go through the same pain.
Nolan uses Mr Dawson to represent many of the parents that had lost their sons due to the war, the helpless parents who had no way of being able to save their children had to carry that grief, which is the reason many decided to take it upon themselves to save those from Dunkirk, to save families.

Mr Dawson showed quiet bravery, he is heroic, he was willing to risk everything to do what was right.
He had the resources and the motive, he was brave enough to take his boat and set off to rescue soldiers off the beach of Dunkirk, saving lives and families. As the audience follows Mr Dawson on his journey we watch to see that there was nothing in his way that would stop him from achieving his goal. Nolan uses Mr Dawson to symbolise nationalism, he represented all the mums and dads that were willing to help the English soldiers make it back home safely. Without these acts of heroism the British would have fallen under attack from the Germans. They were non violent and their intentions were to only rescue their families.

Dunkirk marks a historical event dating back to 1940, Operation Dynamo involved the evacuation of over 400, 000 of British and French soldiers who were stuck on Dunkirk beach on the coast of France. When all had lost hope it was up to civilians and families on their weekend yachts to save their sons. Nolan created a film emphasising all the effort and struggle it took to rescue those soldiers. Mr Dawson carried a special role to represent the British nation’s mothers and fathers and their acts of heroism. Mr Dawsons decision was an important event in the film as he symbolised hope for safety and home.

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