Dunkirk Essay. Feedback please

Dunkirk is a movie based on a real life scenario that happened in 1940 where parents would drive their little boats to Dunkirk to save their sons approximately 340 thousand that were trapped on the beach. This movie shows three settings of the land featuring Tommy, Alex and Gibson. The sea features Mr Dawson, George, Peter and the shivering soldier; the air is featuring Collins and farrier. This movie can show the negatives and the positives which i am going to show you

The ticking of the watch in dunkirk by christopher nolan represents time running out/ ticking away eg. When Farrier has to decide whether to stay and protect Dunkirk or go home when he is low on fuel this is used to show the audience that time for him is running out and both decisions have consequences. The ticking of the watch is a non diegetic sound because the characters can’t hear it but the audience can.

Shepard tone is used to build tension within the audience. Shepard tone is a non diegetic sound because the characters cannot hear it but the audience can. Hans zimmer is the creator of this music and he has used it well when commander bolton is looking at the dive bomber that is about to take his life. This is effective in this scene to build tension and make it scary for the audience.

One scene that stands out for me is where Farrier has to make his decision to go home and let people die due to the bomber or to stay and protect the destroyer he desides to stay and protect and sacrifice his life. In my opinion I think Farrier is the bravest because he sacrifices himself to save the other soldiers.

When Mr Dawson says “there’s no hiding from this we’ve got a job to do” means that everyone is trying to do their bit to help get the soldiers off the beach it is linked to nationalism because he says the word we’ve. Which means more people than just him are saving people which means that the government has set something up instead of doing nothing.

I think Dunkirk was done great and it couldn’t be shown any other way. It shows the perspectives of the people in the different environments: the land, the air and the sea. It also shows what people back then went through it was very traumatic experience eg. the dive bombers.

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