Creating study notes

How can I create great study notes that will help me in exams?

Kia ora!

Thanks for your question. Making notes that will help you when it comes time to revise is so important for staying on top of your work, so it’s wonderful to hear that you’ve identified the need for this so early in the school year.

In terms of creating great study notes, it really depends on what works best for you. How do you find it easiest to remember information? What has/hasn’t worked for you in the past? One important consideration is that your notes are in a form that is easy to refer back to when you are doing preparation for your externals – you might have learnt the content way back in Term One and still need to be able to understand what you meant in Term Four!

We have a number of Tips and Tricks available – pick and choose what works for you. If one particular tactic isn’t quite right, try something else. In this case, you have plenty of time for a little bit of trial and error in order to hit your study stride.

Good luck!