Could you please help me with deciding my overall grade for level 1 personal responses?

I got Four E7 and 2 merits for my personal response level 1. I don’t know what my overall grade would be. Can you tell me what it is after seeing my individual grades?

Please!!! It would be a great help if you could

Kia ora Keerthana

This will depend on whether your Ms show moments of Excellence - as Ex should be across all pieces.
Best check with your teacher.

Am sorry but could you explain the first sentence a bit more in detail cause I partially understood it. If you don’t mind. Thanks

My teacher said a holistic decision will be made. Do you know what it means by that?

Hiya again Keerthana
Holistic means that across ALL six responses you need to show excellence evidence. If your Merit pieces are high Merits, there may be enough for Excellence overall. If they were low ( just got to M) the you are likely to get an Merit overall.
Check with your teacher.