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Animal Farm Essay-B George Orwell

The novel Animal Farm written by George Orwell is based on several important conflicts based on power between the animals who are in control of the animal farm and see themselves as the leaders. Snowball a pig and Napoleon a Berkshire boar fight to have leadership until it is taken too far. Napoleon and Snowball are both based on people in the real world and how they fought over the power of the people. The conflict between them is important because it shows how power corrupts.

George Orwell wrote “Animal Farm ‘’ to serve as a warning against totalitarianism. He did this after observing the rise of NAZI Germany Communist Russia. Totalitarian states with abuses of power that led to the deaths of millions.

Snowball also wanted power but he also wanted what was best for the lives of the animals, Snowball was involved in a power struggle with Napoleon he was chased away by napoleons nine dogs (KGB) and used as a scapegoat when napoleon had done something he couldn’t get himself out of all the lies are made about about him because napoleon wants to be the leader and have all the power as the text goes on cracks start to appear on the farm until Napoleon seizes power and is no longer accepted by any of the animals at the animal farm. Mao Zedong said: Power grows from the barrel of a gun-communism.

Power corruption is first shown by napoleon’s jealousy over the ideas snowball has to support them on the animal farm and to make it better and easier for them but Napoleon didn’t except in and took nine of one of the dog’s puppies and trained them as his own to protect them he used the dogs in violence and abuse breaking many of the commandments while doing this and putting the animals through pain and hurt when this did not need to be done but he was acting in violence.

Power corruption is shown when Boxer overworks himself and collapses napoleon tells the animals that he is being sent to the vet but is sent to the horse knackers betrayed of animalism instead they sell him for money to buy whiskey because they like to drink alcohol although one of the seven commandments was broken by doing this “no animal shall drink alcohol” but the pigs change this commandment to suit them but the other animals are not allowed to have alcohol only the pigs in charge. One of the boxers sayings was “I will always work harder and Napoleon will always be right” This just shows that the animals can no longer trust anyone. Boxer was one of the most loyal to Napoleon and he just threw him away like he meant nothing to him.

In conclusion, I think the animal farm is an important book because it shows how quickly things can chan and how power can corrupt people and even the most loyal ones can be betrayed. I think it also shows that trust is a massive thing in this novel because things change and everything can happen so quickly.

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The question you are looking at seems to be : Describe a conflict and Explain why it is important…
So you set this up in the start clearly, well done. It might be useful to put in the names of the people Snowball and Napoleon are based on. It might be helpful to point out, before you leap into the evidence, what the essential differences are between Snowball’s desire for power and what he wanted to do with it and Napoleon’s: one selfish the other altruistic. The evidence you provide is sound, perhaps explaining the quote from Mao Zedung a little would strengthen the argument also. The corruption that occurs with the gaining of power and why that happens could be looked at too, then you could talk about how some people are affected by that and how some are not. In the conc👍lusion, try and come back to the author’s purpose and what he wanted you to be thinking about which will establish the second part of the question about the importance of the idea, then you can look at why we need to know.