Confounding variables and 'sources of variation'

While I am talking about the level 3 Experimental Design Principles, is it wrong to think both the sub-items (for variation in design principle) are more or less have ‘close’ meaning? Are they distinctly different?

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Hi Iumzan,
Can you restate you question and be a bit more specific.
ie which sub items are you refering to and where are they stated.


Students are expected to write about ‘sources of variations’ in level 3 experimental design internal assessment. Is it okay if the students refer to the sources of variations as ‘confounding variables’? Is it wrong to say ‘due to the influence of confounding variables’ the results of an experiment might vary? Or someone might debate the issue, as the confounding variables will specifically effect the dependent variable and ‘sources of variation’ refers generally to wider aspect. I hope this helps elaborate my previous question.
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Kia ora lumzan

You need to be specific about the variables that could impact on the results of the statistical experiment you are doing.
The idea of the experiment is to see what happens to the changed variable within the experiment, with the minimising of any effects other variables have during the experimental process that could impact on the outcome.
That is why you have a control group and a treatment group.