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Catch me if you can practice film essay

Q1 - Describe at least ONE unusual relationship in a visual/oral text you have studied.
Explain why this relationship was unusual.

In “Catch me if you can” by Steven Speilberg, there is only one unusual relationship that stands out for me. FBI agent Carl Hanratty and Frank Abgnale Jr. The only word to describe their relationship is unusual. This relationship shows how people can go from being enemies to friends, through one person’s crime and another person’s job. Throughout the movie their relationship continues to grow and it flourishes on special occasions.

Carl Hanratty and Frank Abagnale Jr formed a cat and mouse sort of relationship, where they were always chasing each other. Carl first notices Frank when he catches on to Frank’s check fraud and Carl tracks the latest false check made to a hotel where Frank is staying. Carl releases Frank, who is still staying there and decides to break in and arrest him. Frank pretends to be Barry Allen of the United States Secret Service, and says he has already caught the suspect. Carl believes him and lets him leave. Later he realizes that Frank was actually pretending to be Barry Allen, but it is too late. Their relationship is unusual because at this time in the movie, Carl is trying to arrest Frank.

After a couple months, Carl is working in his office by himself on Christmas Eve, and Frank decides to call and try to apologize for tricking him back at the hotel. Carl doesn’t accept his apology, and wants Frank to meet him face to face. Frank gives him the correct location and room number but Carl doesn’t believe him. Carl soon realizes the real reason why Frank rang him, it’s because he has nobody else to talk to. Frank gets angry and hangs up. The relationship becomes more of a friendship but Carl is still trying to arrest him, making it unusual that they are friends and also enemies.

On Christmas Eve the next year, Frank calls Carl and he is accepting it. Carl’s whole FBI team is listening in on it. Frank tells Carl that he is done and is settling down with a girl he is engaged to. He asks Carl to stop chasing him but he has already stolen $4 million dollars, so Carl can’t stop. After Carl finally catches Frank, he is sentenced to two years and when he is released into Carl’s custody, on Christmas Eve 1969. On the plane ride back to the United States, Frank asks to call his father once again, Carl tells Frank that his father died accidentally the previous year. Devastated, Frank locks himself in the plane’s bathrooms and escapes. He runs away to track down his mother, but after seeing she is happily married with another kid, he surrenders.

After a few years in prison he is released and has to work for Carl, checking checks. He stays here for the remainder of his sentence and he and Carl become good friends. At the end of the movie it says that “Frank has been happily married for 26 years, has three sons, lives in the Midwest with his family, is still good friends with Carl, caught some of the world’s most elusive money forgers and gets millions of dollars each year because of his work”. Carl and Frank’s friendship is still good after many years, even after everything they went through.

The only word to describe Carl Hanratty and Frank Agagnale Jr relationship is unusual. Throughout the movie their relationship continues to grow and flourishes on special occasions. Their relationship shows how people can go from being enemies to friends, through one person’s crime and another person’s job. This relationship is unusual because of how they interact with each other and how they go from enemies to good friends.

Kia ora Tabitha7,

You’ve made great use of the key words from the question in your introduction and very clearly identified the unusual relationship. You could improve the introduction by being more specific about what makes it unusual, and you’d be answering the second part of the question.

I like how you’ve described the relationship as “cat and mouse.” When we are writing film essays, we always need to use film techniques to show we understand how the director portrays things in the film and influences the audience’s understanding. What film techniques did Spielberg use in that seen when these things happen? Was there some dialogue that Carl says that helps the audience understand the discovery he has made? Was there a camera shot that shows a reaction or an interaction in these moments? Make sure that you have at least one film technique in each body paragraph.

To help ensure you are properly answering the question (this is often the difference between a Not Achieved and an Achieved), you could use a topic sentence at the beginning of each body paragraph that uses the key words from the question and phrase it as an answer. For example: we see that Carl and Frank’s relationship is unusual when Frank decides to call and apologise to Carl. It can also be helpful to bring it back to these key words in the final sentence of your paragraph. These are just a couple of things you can do to make sure your essay stays focussed and answers the question clearly.

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