Catch me if you can essay - feedback

  1. Describe an important idea in the text.
    Explain whether or not you think this idea is relevant to teenagers today.

intro, sum up what going to talk about
P1, 2 & 3, an example of this is… (teqnikis ‘n stuff, what it symbolizes and how it creates the important idea, then explain how is relevant to teens today)

Catch me if you can essay.

In Steven Spielberg’s film, Catch me if you can, an important idea is that teenagers will be influenced by those they look up to. This is shown as a growing theme throughout the film displayed by two main characters, Carl Hanratty, and Carl Jr. I will prove this using different techniques that are displayed throughout the film and how they link into family, and how it is relevant to teenagers today.

An example of this is the first time that Frank Jr and Carl meet. A technique used in this scene is costume. Frank is dressed up in a suit and tie, which is not a usual thing for Frank to be wearing, and coincidentally Carl is also wearing a similar suit. This represents that even during their first interaction, Frank is trying to mimic, or be like Carl, showing that Carl is an influence on him creating a somewhat father figure from the start. I think that what Steven was trying to communicate through that was that younger kids will take on influence from the older people in their life who have more experience and power. This relates to teenagers today because it shows that kids take on the influence of others, and that is true. Teenagers today will usually get their morals from friends, and parents or older people that set an example for them. This will usually lead to teenagers wanting to be like a significant adult in their life, and cause the teen to attempt to act, dress, or think like the person they look up to.

Another example is when Frank Jr meets up with his father in a bar. A film technique used in this is dialogue, when Frank Sr says. “Frank. Paula isn’t with me anymore. She got married to Jack.” This shows that Frank’s family is now completely apart and that his hopes for getting them back together won’t happen. This is relatable to a lot of teenagers today because it demonstrates how families are never perfect and can have corruption that affects whoever is involved, including the kid. Another important piece of dialogue is when Frank Jr says. “Tell me to stop, and I will stop.” This shows how much Frank Jr respects and admires his father, and it shows that he is willing to do whatever his father wants or decides.It also shows that he sees his father as more of a friend then a father figure. This is relatable to teenagers today because it shows that they will follow the influence of someone who they truly admire and respect.

Lastly, when Frank Jr is working for the FBI, and attempts to go on a flight to run away, Carl comes up behind him. A technique used in this scene is dialogue. “Why’d you do it?” “You’re just a kid.” This shows that Carl cares about Frank Jr, and he is seeing him as a sort of son figure. It also shows that Carl has given Frank Jr a chance to change and start again. “Why would I come back?” “Frank, look around, nobody’s chasing you.” This highlights that Frank Jr has no reason to run away, influencing him to not run away and continue working for the FBI. I think the message that Steven was trying to communicate with the audience was that even though Frank Jr did a lot of bad things, that he has the chance to start again because someone cared about him, and he is still just a kid. This is relatable to teenagers because it shows that when someone they look up to gives them a chance, they will usually take it.

What does this tell you? This should show you that teenagers are constantly influenced, and will try to take on the morals of those they look up to. It shows that Frank Jr who was a teenager was influenced by his father, Frank Sr, and Carl, who was a father figure, causing Frank Jr to dress, and act like his father and Carl.

Kiā ora
Your intro sets up the two parts of the question but you could set up why it was relevant a little more and the main idea -Eg teenagers are influenced by those they look up to - in a positive way? What characteristics do they admire? …
Body paragraphs are well set up- evidence well chosen and your explanations are sound. You come back to the second part of the question in each.
The summary concludes but you could maybe extend the comments on teenagers - Eg come back to the points - What attracts their interest? Why are they susceptible?.. to reach the perception of E.
Hope this helps
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