Can someone give me feedback on my first paragraph of a practice essay

I don’t why but I find English essay writing quite hard. This has confused because other classes that are not English I don’t struggle with essay writing

it would be great to get some feedback on what level this would be looking at and what I need to work on, also what else I can add because my first paragraph seems quite small.

the Essay question was to describe a theme and how it relates to teens

Intro: The novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ by Harper Lee was narrated from the point of view of Scout Finch, a young female living in Maycomb County, in the southern part of the United States. Because of the hardships of the 1930’s Great Depression and a lack of civil rights for certain
members of the community, life was very difficult for some. The author has developed the theme of social inequality through the characters of Boo Radley and Walter Cunningham, and through the protagonist Scout, to clearly show that life could be very prejudiced in this era.

Scout’s first experience at school also shows her social inequality at school. Scout first sees at her first week of school a very poor classmate Walter Cunningham can not afford school lunch, Scout has to explain to her teacher Miss Caroline “He’s a Cunningham." This shows Scout that there is inequality in her school because Walter can’t afford lunch but she can which will make her understand that she is much more privileged than some people in her school. We can see how being different schools can affect students’ reputations, This is shown because the Cunninghams are known for being poor. Teens can relate to being excluded from other groups because of a social class and how demeaning that can be. Walters’s social class of being poor has made him socially unequal and sometimes even been judged by something he can not control.

Hi Xtra_Cold - sorry for the delay - the forums have not been open long and I missed this.
This is a good start - not sure why you are worried. The length of the paragraphs are not important!
It’ the info, style and structure that’s important!
You have a clear intro and included evidence in your response! ’
Well done. ET2