Can I please have feedback on my Visual/oral text essay

Describe how techniques have been used in the text.
Explain how these techniques have been used to create a particular effect.

“ The good and evil in ones life is often shown through the duality of their personality”
In the film ‘Catch me if you can’, through the specific use of Techniques, most predominantly Lighting techniques; Steven Speilberg creates a particular effect. Which highlights the duality of Frank Abignale Junior. In the Christmas scene, a homely, happy effect is created, while in the midpoint scene where Carl meets Frank, Speilburg highlights Franks strengths and weaknesses, aswell as the duality of his personality. Followed by the Divorce scene, where an ominous effect is created, highlighting Once again, Frank jrs duality and his internal conflicts.

Throughout the whole movie, Steven Speilberg uses various different lighting techniques to create a particular effect, which highlights the importance in the moment. And often the duality of Frank William Abignale Juniors Personality.
Shown in the Christmas scene, where Frank jr and his mother Paula Abignale are seen dancing aswell as later when Paula dances with Frank Sr( Frank Jrs Father); The director highlights the warm, happy element of the moment through the use of Bright, Warm, yellow light. This creates a homely effect that highlights the happiness shown in the moment. The use of this particular lighting effect represents the wholistic element to the moment, highlighting the good side of the Abignale family, and importantly, the good side of Frank jrs Duality.

Further on in the film, shown in the scene where Frank Jr meets Carl Hanratty for the first time. Lighting plays a huge role in creating the atmosphere, and providing insight on Frank jrs personality. In this scene, Carl walks up the stairs to get to Franks room, here the outside area from which he came from, is lit up using bright natural light. This shows that outside is a safe place, where not much is hidden. While inside the building a much darker, false light us used; Highlighting the unknown and suspense of the situation. Another technique used by Speilberg is the music. A non diagetic soundtrack is played as Carl advances through the hallway towards Franks room. This music is played everytime that Carl gets a lead on Frank, highlighting once again the suspense and action in the particular moment. Carl Then bursts into Franks room with his pistol in hand. Here Spielberg’s technique of the use of props( Carls Gun) shows that Currently, Carll has the physical power and has relative control. Frank jr exits the bath room and proceeds to speak to Carl as he threatens to shoot. The directors use of dialogue highlights the intellectual power and control of Frank in the moment. “ Relax your late,” “ My names allan, Barry allan, united states secret service”, here the director uses the technique of dialogue to highlight the control Frank has over carl, it shows that he is in control and is able to manipulate Carl.
A specific lighting technique is also used. In this scene, speilberg places patches of light and dark throughout Franks room. These patches highlight Frank jrs duality. Where th lighter patches show the good, and the dark shows the bad. Representing the good and the bad of Franks personality. On the good side he is still just a kid, while on the evil side he is commiting crimes and lives a life of crime and deception.
This is also shown through another ligthing technique, where half of Franks face is lit up, while the other half in left dark. This highlights the good and bad in him, and the duality of his personality. While also representing his internal and external conflicts. This techmnique creates the effect of hald good half bad, posing the effect of franks duality. The director also makes use of once again, another lighting technique( similar to the once used at the start of the scene where Cral comes up the stairs into the hallway). Where inside the room, most of the space is relatively dark, with the window and light coming from outside is bright Natural light. The Outside light represents Franks escape, and his way to freedom. While the inner darkness shows that he is trapped and confined by the room, and Carl Hanratty.
Therefore in this scene, through multiple techniques The director places specific emphasis on creating a half good half bad effect, where light=good, dark=bad. This highlights the duality of frank jrs personality.

Steven speilbergs use of particular techniques that show certain effects. Is shown in the film particulariluy in the divorce scene. Here Frank jr arrives home to meet a man that leads him into a bedroom where his parents are waiting. Steven speilberg highlights the criticalness, and almost darkness of the moment through the technique of dialogue. Where franks mother paula says to frank ” Its ok, there nothing tio be afraid of” Here an effect of concern and worry is created, this highlights the brokenness and hardship in frank jrs life and personality.
The director also uses the lighting technique of Half dark, half light on Frank jrs face. This creates a half good half bad effect that highlights the internal and external conflicts that frank has to face. Further developing the scene the director uses Camera techniques to highlight the desperation and brokenness shown in the scene. Through a transition shot between Franks scared face, and him running away, aswell as a music technique of ddramatic music. A dramatic effect is created. Further developing Franks brokenness and transition to a life of crime. Finishing the scene a mid shot of Frank jr is used to show him behind bars as he buys a train ticket to run away. This particular Camera technique finilised the scene and creates a trapped effect where Frank jrs internal conflicts are represented and shown as he is trapped.

In conclusion, “ The good and evil in ones life is often shown through the duality of their personality” is shown in the film catch me if you can in the christmas scene, the midpoint scene, and the divorce scene. Through the use of specific techniques, particularly lighting techniques. Steven Spielberg was able to create an effect that placed emphasis on the duality of Frank jrs personality, and his internal and external conflicts.

Kia ora Oliver,

Thanks for sharing your essay. You’ve made good use of the key words from the question and set up your points nicely. You’ve got a lot of effects identified in your introduction. You’ve set yourself up to do a lot of mahi and could be better off sticking to one and arguing it more clearly throughout your essay.

You’ve set up a great point in your introduction about the duality of the character and this could be argued more clearly in your body paragraphs. For example, after you write about the darker, false light, you can link that back to the contrast from the previous example with explanation of how this represents that duality.

When you’re writing about atmosphere of a scene, make sure that you are clear what you think the atmosphere is.

When you write about music, take time to describe what the music sounds like. Then you can unpack more what it is about the music that creates this element of suspense and action.

With the dialogue example, “My name’s Allan, Barry Allan…” you could explain more how the dialogue shows the control that Frank has over Carl and how this dialogue manipulates Carl. You’ve got a lot of techniques in that paragraph. You might be better off writing about one or two less and going into more depth with the ones you have.

In your final body paragraph with the example of the patches of lighting, was there a camera shot that clearly illustrates this? Also with the lighting on Frank’s face - was that captured in a close up shot?

You’ve done a good job of linking back to the question throughout the essay, but I think you’ve tried to put a lot in it. You can work on being more evaluative and selecting the techniques that will help you best answer the question.

Kia pai tō mahi! :slight_smile: