Can anyone help me on how to improve the body paragraphs of my essay "how to kill a mockingbird"

This essay will be disusing the character expirence that reflects the truths of society, through Scout’s point of view and as they grow up how different the world actually is. Then extend and expand on the points of why Scouts naration throughout the novella is important and relates to society, to the harsh reality of growing up which will be through Scouts point of view as their father Atticus explains whats going on with the trial and people in the town. Then lastly the why the stereo types throughout the book is used and explained of why it is important in society.

Scouts naration makes this book so relatable to society becauses we all start somewhere and we are small minding growing up that theres no good or bad people around that the endless wonder through a small childs eye. Scouts point of view is valid to the story because its shows the ideas of hope and dispear in everydays society where the younger the child is the more open and positive mind children can get. This is because in the novella scouts explains, “Atticus why is people looking at me funny” , Atticus her father went on explaining that girls or young ladys shouldnt be wearing overals and should dress more ladylike and have manners. Then Scouts says “ but then I cant climb and play in the dirt with the boys”. Once again Atticus trys to explain to Scout that ladys in their society shouldnt be like that but it is and you cant change who you are. The moral to the conversation between Atticus and Scout is to not let anyone push you around to have an open mind to new things. But listen to the ways of society but dont let them stop you from being yourself. This expirences links into the question because its what it is like and you become a better person from it even when society ways isnt your ways, it was the way of the 1940s - 1960s in the times of rasism and the great depression and in the time of crisis.

Scout and her brother Jem learnt that growing up is hard and what you learn is challenging and hard to deal with. As an example of this is when the trial one of the hardest scenes in the novella starts and ends with the outcomes. This trial was when a black man or “Nigga” what the people would call them, Thomas (Tom) Robinson was accused to raping a white girl Mayella Ewell. Mayella’s family is a poor classed family tom would walk past their front gate everyday to go home from hard labouring work. In this scene of the book it explains through both testomonys that its hard introcate litticure which has a dark outcome andn ot a happily ever after fairy tale ending. This scene is where Scout and Jem saw the trial and even when it seems like they won the harsh reality of a rasist society showed it self up and put an inocent mans life and future in danger. This scene is about the kids growing up and scouts naration point of view maturing as shes getting older as she sees that everything isnt perfect in society that their society has flaws. That harsh things happen but theres nothing they can do to change it except keep to their morals and aslong as you know whats right then thats all that should matter.

As Atticus tell Scout and Jem “ You can kill a bluebird, if you can catch ‘em, but its a sin to kill a mockingbird”. This means and sybolise the inocent people in the film that was blamed, hurt, told rumors about that you can try to kill the little things but you usually can catch them so dont worry about them. And that its a sin to kill a mockingbird means its not about justice what the times have said. Society changes but it takes time for people to see that dont dwell on the un important things that its best to look at the future ahead.

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From what you have here, it is really clear that you have a good knowledge of what occurs within To Kill a Mockingbird. Moving on from this, it is important that you figure out how to develop your ideas without relying on plot to drive your answer and body paragraphs.

Think about being more direct in your addressing of the question. Part of your planning should look at the specific aspects that address the first part of the question and then link this to the second part. In this instance, what are the specific and direct experiences of Scout, and exactly what truths do they reflect? This means you needed to show a thorough understanding of the social environment of Maycomb, Alabama in the 1930s. From here, look at what Harper Lee was saying about US society in the 1960s when the novel was published.

You touch on some issues around gender in the first body paragraph and then the second touches on the loss of innocence that Scout experiences. Explain these more clearly and link your discussion more directly to the part of the question that looks at the “truths of (that) society”. It would also be really beneficial to add in what you think Harper Lee was trying to say about her society. If you wanted to be really fancy, you could discuss how this might still be relevant to us today.

The other thing that might be helpful is to think of a good paragraph structure to keep your points on track. Look at how you can write a little bit less of WHAT happens and develop why it is important and how it impacts the reader. PLUS make sure you link these to the question.

I know it isn’t part of the criteria but it really helps to proofread your work to ensure that the ideas you are trying to communicate come through really clearly.

It would help us to give you pointers if you could please include the text of the question which you are seeking to answer in your essay.