Biology help please?

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Anybody have any tips on Biology to pass?? I’m really struggling. Just looking to get across the line, what would I need to do to pass?
Anything is helpful.

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Kia ora Michaela

I’m assuming you are referring to the AS 1.9 genetics paper?
Everything you need to know is on this site:

You also have nobraintoosmall and past exam papers to practice.

Generally speaking, if you have done enough of the past year papers, you will start to notice that the three big areas the questions are based around around:

  1. Structure of DNA, genes, alleles and chromosomes
  2. Patterns of inheritance (Punnett square stuff)
  3. Genetic variation
    These will often be contextualised and to gain M and E, you have to support your answer by linking it with the context given.
    If you are only going through definitions that will often get you through the Achieved bar.

Hope that helps!

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