Bacterial reproduction

What’s the best way to describe bacterial reproduction in a paragraph that encompasses everything?

Hi LeNom

That’s a very good question, but it’s rather difficult to say how much depth is needed.
This will depend on the context/resource of the question given and if they want you to link it/compare & contrast it with other life processes from other microbes.

In short, at Level 1, you need to know that bacteria reproduce (asexually) via binary fission. They require “ideal” conditions (such as temperature, warmth and nutrients).

However, you may be required to link this other life processes, if the question has a strong focus on bacterial life processes.

For example reproduction requires energy and nutrients.
Energy comes from respiration (which requires glucose - “nutrition” and oxygen).
Nutrition comes from extracellular digestion (by the secretion of enzymes to break down larger food particles into smaller more absorb-able molecules.
They often end up producing (metabolic) “waste” due to these processes. Some bacteria produce waste which are harmful to other living things - and we call these toxins (which can disrupt proteins and enzymes in other living things).

On the other hand, the question may require a compare and contrast aspect with a similar life process in other microbes (fungi & virus)

Hence why it it would be best to practice some exam questions from the past year papers, rather than have a set paragraph to memorise.

Hope that helps.

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