AS91267 Exam Question 2022

Can someone pls tell me the correct answer for this question with full working out? Thanks in advance!

this is a normal distribution question, which you can answer using a graphics calculator (if you would like me to show you how to answer with tables please reply.

Calculator instructions
F3 InvN

and finishing those commands
Area 0.15
SD 2
mean 8

Nooooooo I thought it’s on the right side of the curve because it asked for the “longest” acceptable shower time ![:slightly_frowning_face:]

That can be a bit confusing, @izzywizzy :slight_smile: Suzanne is trying to minimize water consumption so she wants showers to be as short as possible and says that they should take no more than 5.9min (5.9min or less).

The wording was so tricky to understand. Will I still get an achieved mark for that question or not?

We can only speculate as there is no marking scheme released yet. I suggest you wait until results are released :slight_smile:

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I think that if you were to find the “longest” out of the 15% that’s acceptable and place that 15% on the right hand side with the boundary of 10.2, this would actually be the shortest out of that 15% that is acceptable. I think that’s because even though you’ve placed your boundary on the right hand side of the distribution model, your boundary is on the left side of that 15% making is the lowest time out of that 15% that’s acceptable.

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you are right it is a big challenge to interpret the wording of these questions.
It sounds like you have a good understanding of it :slight_smile:

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