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Question: Describe the ending of the written text.
Explain how this part of the text was predictable or unexpected.

Greed can lead to us becoming the very thing we swore to destroy. George Orwell’s Animal Farm, through the use of foreshadowing, proves this. The ending of the text is predictable to the reader and many aspects of the novel reveal the ending before it has even happened. The milk and apples, changing of the commandments and finally, the pigs walking upon two legs were key moments in the lead up to the ending. This combined with writing techniques helps the reader to predict the ending.

Animal Farm is an allegorical novel that portrays the Russian Revolution through the use of Farm Animals. After expelling the humans, the pigs quickly take over and eventually the ending sees the pigs, becoming the very thing they swore to destroy, Humans.

Early on in the novel, Animal Farm, the reader is first introduced to the corruption and deceit that leads to the ending through the milk and apples. The pigs treat themselves to a mixture of milk and apples which they do not offer to any of the other animals even though they are working even harder than the pigs themselves. Squealer says, “You do not imagine, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and privilege?” A rhetorical question is used here. Squealer uses a lot of rhetorical questions throughout the novel and this helps him to corrupt the other animals, leading them to think that refusing what he says would be going against the spirit of Animalism. By eating the milk and apples, the pigs themselves are breaking the rules, every animal is supposed to have equal rights and by eating the extra food the pigs are putting themselves above the other animals. The milk and apples is just one of the many cases of deceit and corruption shown in the novel but it is important as it shows how the pigs so early on in the novel are already willing to bend the rules to suit themselves. It foreshadows the end of the novel during which the Pigs take complete control over the farm and change everything by corrupting. The other farm animals are used and corrupted so that the pigs can get what they want. The pigs prey on their innocence and trick them into thinking the pigs are doing everything for the benefit of the farm animals. Squealer in this novel represents propaganda, a powerful tool that makes people believe what is put in front of them by corrupting what they see and believe. Propaganda is a very powerful tool and has been used many times throughout history. Hitler rose to power by using a lot of propaganda and tricked the German’s into believing the Jews were bad people by changing what books said and putting up posters about them.

Another way the novel foreshadows the ending is through the use of the changing of commandments. The original commandments were written with all the animals help but due to a significant lack of reading skills the farm animals never truly understood what the commandments actually said. As time went on the pigs changed the commandments several times and the animals had no idea this had happened. An example from the text says, “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.” The commandment originally stated that “No animal shall drink alcohol.” This is an example of an imperative. This technique was used to show that the pigs were in charge. There was no note of what ‘to excess’ actually meant. The pigs, as the only animals who actually drank alcohol, were free to make their own decisions around how much alcohol they were allowed. The pigs were in control of what ‘to excess’ meant and often let the alcohol cause them to collapse. This new alcohol addiction as ironic as a big cause of the animals’ issues at the beginning of the novel was Mr Jones’ alcohol addiction. The changing of commandments is done several times throughout the novel and helped the pigs to get what they want. This helped the viewer predict the ending of the novel as the pigs were beginning to take over more control of the farm. By changing the commandments the pigs were free to make their own decisions and adjust set rules to suit themselves. This foreshadows future events and eventually the pigs taking complete control over Animal Farm. Stalin who Napoleon represents in this novel also did this quite a lot throughout the novel. He and the rich, clever people of Russia reaped all the rewards of the revolution and easily tricked the uneducated into doing what they were told.

A third example of this in Animal Farm is during one of the last few chapters. The pigs leave the farmhouse on two legs finally becoming the thing they swore to destroy. As Napoleon leaves it is noted that he is carrying a whip. The extract from the text says, “He carried a whip in his trotter.” The whip is an example of symbolism. The whip symbolizes dominance and the fact that Napoleon was holding it shows that despite all efforts for the farm not to become like it was in Mr Jones time, it seemed to of made a cruel circle and things were even worse off than before. The fact that this sentence was so short indicates to the reader its importance. It symbolises the final fall of animalism as the pigs take complete control and get closer and closer to becoming what they swore to never become. The whip signifies Napoleon’s complete power over the other animals and the animals learn that Napoleon is now just as bad, if not worse than what Mr Jones was. This is one of the final key moments of the novel and really helps show the reader what the ending of the book is likely to be. This moment was really important in foreshadowing the ending of the book as it was the event during which the animals finally realised the truth of Napoleon’s reign. It also foreshadows the ending as it shows them becoming even more human. At this point in the novel, there was not much difference between the pigs and the humans and the fact that they had decided to wear clothes, walk upon 2 legs and carry whips shortened the gap even more. The ending of the book showed the pigs becoming the very thing they swore to never become. The pigs’ greed for more and more power meant that they ended up becoming the very thing they swore to defeat.

The novel Animal Farm perfectly portrays that greed can easily make us become the things we swore to destroy. Throughout the novel, there were many examples that helped the reader to expect the ending. The milk and apples, one of the first acts of inequality portrayed, the changing of commandments, which showed just how much the pigs were in control of, and finally the pigs walking upon two legs and carrying a whip which foreshadowed them becoming fully human. The reader was led to expect the ending during which the pigs took complete control of the farm and it became the same, if not worse than what it had been during Mr Jones ruling. The combined use of writing techniques and these examples from the text helps to prove that greed can make us the very things we swore to destroy.

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A nice opening to your intro - I would suggest being a little more explicit about the ending in the introduction though

Try to be a bit more deliberate in your discussion about the “predictable” bit - eg in paragraph one, where you talk about how propaganda is a powerful tool - because we know this, is this a part of what makes it predictable from early on? This gets stronger and more signposted as you go.

Your discussion overall of the allegory is excellent and you explain well how these events foreshadow the ending which is great. One thing I would counsel you to do is to spend a bit more time in your paragraphs actually describing what the ending is - as you only do this briefly with lines like “during which the Pigs take complete control over the farm and change everything by corrupting.” - but this should be a bit more “described” - ie with evidence and an explanation/description of this.

All in all - this would definitely be at least an M, to be a secure E you need to make sure both parts of the question are answered with detail and evidence and that there is no imbalance.

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