Animal Farm - Essay

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Question: Describe at least one way that a character or individual changed in the text.
Explain how this change was important to the text as a whole.

In the novel Animal Farm by George Orwell, Napoleon changes from at the start of the story being a pig and at the end almost identical to man. This helped to understand Napoleon’s true personality and how selfish he really is. This happens when the pigs return Animal Farm to where it started in the beginning of the story. Throughout the text the idea of corruption is perceived making it part of Napoleon’s behavior. In the Novel without Napoleon’s true descent, the animals would have achieved true freedom. Napoleon took over and ruled out the true meaning of the revolution. “Four legs good, two legs bad” was said throughout the text and the sheep would bleat this at every meeting held by the animals. It was also stated that wings were counted as legs. This quote was aimed at people therefore humans were the enemies.

At the start of the story Orwell explains how the pigs followed by the rest of the animals stated that they disliked the way their owner Mr Jones ran the farm and treated him. The animal carried this dislike so they came up with a plan to get Mr Jones off the farm. The idea was to chase and scare Mr Jones out of the farm in a way that he would be too scared to come back. The animal started by agreeing on the seven commandments which ended up being changed by Napoleon to suit the way he wanted to be treated. Squealer was seen doing this and all animals apart from the pigs grew to hate Napoleon and his ways. The animals “Looked from pig to man, man to pig. It was already impossible to say which was which”. This is the way the story was finished and the story hadn’t moved anywhere in the right direction. The Russian revolution and the way it finished shows that Napoleon who is Stalin the revolution uses his power to his advanged and doesn’t want to give it up.

The Animal Farm novel highlights the idea of corruption and how Napoleon takes over the control of the farm. Living in the farm house changed the way the pigs viewed their role as leaders to the other animals. The pigs started living in the farm house; they changed the seven commandments making the other animals believe they were never changed. The commandments were changed to suit the pigs way of living comfortably. The fifth commandment was, no animal shall drink alcohol but by Napoleon’s command it was changed in a way that suited the pigs new way of living. “No animals shall drink alcohol to excess” which the animals were led to believe the commandments were never and their memories must have just slipped on what the commandments were. “Our leader is dying” was said by Squealer when Napoleon had been seen the night before by all the other animals drinking alcohol. Corruption is a big part of this story because Napoleon, followed by Squealer, uses manipulation towards the other animals in a way to show that “Napoleons always right”. This helps to understand Napoleon and how he views power.

Without Napoleon’s power, the animal would have achieved true freedom. Napoleon’s change through the text effectively meant that the farm didn’t head in the right direction, the revolution meant all animals apart from the pigs had to work twice as hard as usual. Making them extremely tired and questioning what they are going to get out of the revolution. Without Napoleon’s greed Animal Farm would have had the revolution they started out for. Where everyone would have been equal. Napoleon’s choice to keep the power of being Animal Farm’s leader meant the revolution could happen as was expected by the other animals. “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” this was said by Napoleon when he had chosen not to step down from having the power. This shows how Napoleon views the other animals and that he had started to make the change along with the other pig to man. The animals outside looked in the farm house from pig to man, and from man to pig and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which. This key phase shows how the animal viewed and how his reputation had changed and he was no longer liked due to his actions.

Humans were thought to be the animal enemies which, when the animals look from pig to man, and from man to pig it has shown how Napoleon is viewed as an enemy due to his choice of change throughout the story. Napoleon’s change throughout the story shows the resemblance of greed, when Napoleon doesn’t give up the power it gives him greater power which grows his greed. The ending of the story doesn’t change from the beginning, even though the revolution is meant to be led by Napoleon their leader. This story highlights the idea of corruption which is by Napoleon and his leading of the farm. Without Napoleon’s power, the animals would have achieved true freedom and the Russian revolution would have been a success. These statements all show how Napoleon changed for the worse and it affected the way in which Animal Farm didn’t achieve true freedom.

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You are including a great deal in your introduction that could come in later. You need to introduce the change what it is - from what to what - you do that and then you need to point out how the change was important to the text as a whole - this comes down to the author’s purpose. This second part is not as clear as you could make it. You go into plot rather than the deeper thematic concerns. Have a go at rewriting the intro and making the theme really clear.
If you set up the implications of power and what it can do then each of the body paragraphs could look at an aspect of this. Eg That power corrupts, that power can lead to oppression etc. You have the evidence from the plot but if you don’t tie it closely to the theme then you can get lost in plot summary.
How about you have another go?
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