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Describe an important relationship in the text. Explain how this relationship helped you to understand wider society

Animal farm written by George Orwell is a novel set in the times of the Russian Revolution about a group of animals taking full control over a farm called manor farm that was later changed to Animal farm. The themes of this book is displayed through the relationship of the charterers. George Orwell highlights how humans can portray people to gain more power and earn respect for them self. Napoleon and Boxer are a very good example of these themes because it shows how easy people can get manipulated and led on from leaders for their own gain. Napoleon and Boxer are an important and major relationship that helps us understand wider society

Boxer and Napoleon have a strong and important relationship that helps us understand more about Orwell’s purpose of this novel. Boxer is a very powerful and strong animal, a mighty beast some will say. But this doesn’t stop him from getting manipulated and overruled by Napoleon the greedy pig himself. “i would not have believed that such a thing would happen on our farm. It must be due to some fault in ourselves. The solution as i see it is to work harder” Boxers lack of intelligence prevents him from seeing the corruption of power happening instead he falls back on the lies and uses his motto to make himself believe that the pigs are doing the right thing. The meaning behind this quote is that Boxer was so manipulated by napoleon and the pigs that he didn’t see what was actually going. this is a very important relationship because it shows the importance of how manipulated the animals were and how easy it was to take control of everyone and everything and use corruption of power.

Boxer worked harder than any animal on the farm. This is because he believed he was doing better for all the animals on the farm but he was really only helping the pigs and Napoleon out. Of course Boxer had no idea about this and he was just trying to help all of his fellow animal friends out. Napoleon manipulated Boxer into thinking the pigs were doing the right thing for all the animals. " Napoleon is always right" This quote helps us understand relationship of Napoleon and boxer and how Boxer has no clue at what is happening and that Napoleon is leading him to think that for his own gain and power.

the last reason is that this relationship relates to society because corruption of power is everywhere in our everyday life when leaders tend to manipulate and use people to gain power and respect. This gives them more confidence for their own gain and growth. Orwell uses this relationship to show us that corruption of power can lead to a bad way and that it is very easy to get manipulated into following the wrong leadership.

This relationship tells us how corruption of power forms and how bad it can get. The fact that Boxer lets Napoleon walk all over him and that hes so clueless to what is going on is upsetting. If boxer knew how bad Napoleon was he has the strength to overthrow him and his power. The novel of Animal farm portrays the fact that corruption of power and manipulation can easily make people do bad things. and want the power so bad that it leads them to destroying anything and anyone in their way.

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Some good ideas here and a clear answer to the question. You will see by looking at this that you get less and less specific as the paragraphs go on - try to have some examples in every paragraph and really unpack it.

Best to signpost the key words a bit more throughout too - .An example - “this is a very important relationship because it shows the importance of how manipulated the animals were and how easy it was to take control of everyone and everything and use corruption of power. " - which is an important message about wider society because it demonstrates that we can be easily manipulated by those in power, and that we should always critically think about things before just accepting them” (or something similar)

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