Animal Farm Essay by George Orwell :)

Essay Question: Describe a character or individual that you disliked OR admired in the written text. Explain how your feelings towards this character helped you to understand the text as a whole.

Animal Farm is a novel written by George Orwell. The Novel highlights some very important characters. An Important character I dislike is Napoleon (boar). The ruler of the animal farm.

Georgie Orwell but his real name is Eric Arthur Blair born 15th of June - 21 January 1950 wrote the novel. The novel is an allegorical tale of the Russian revolution and life in the USSR under Joseph Stalin published in 1945. He experienced important events threw out the life that inspired him to write Animal Farm. He fought in the Spanish war in 1936. Join the republican forces backed by the united states and the soviet union. But he was shot by a sniper and accused of betraying the soviet union what lead to a dislike to Joseph Stalin.

Napoleon helps me understand the purpose of this novel by historical linkage. Communist Russia is the inspiration of the novel and Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin leader of Communist Russia and abuses power for his own gain. The animals on the animal farm overthrow Mr jones (Tras Nicholas ||) and Napoleon, squealer (Russia propaganda apartment) and snowball (Leon Trotsky/ napoleon enmery). But Napoleon gains power by using the dogs (NKVD) to instil fear through the farm and consolidate power. Example of this by holding purges in which anyone who confesses working with Snowball is instantly killed by having Napoleon’s “nine enormous dogs” “promptly tore their throats out” This shows the abuse of power and the fear he instills into the farm. The author purpose was to show how Joseph Stalin is shown through napoleon and to get an insight into the abuse of power in the USSR.

Napoleon is a berkshire boar being a pig he symbolizes greed as pigs are very greedy. Napoleon as the leader of the animal farm becomes so greedy as power corrupts him. Example of this as changing the commandments the command means were to make sure all animals were equal. One of the commandments was “no animals are aloud to sleep in beds” but the pigs changed them to “no animals shell sleep in beds with sheets” . This shows the greed as the pigs get special treatment because they like it with a loss to the other animals. Author purpose was to show how the josephine stalin had teh luxties and food. And the workers didn’t have that and had to suffer.

I dislike Napoleon because he shows throughout the text the power of corruption. By taking the milk and apples that were meant to be shared around the animals but they use them for themselves. They use propaganda to brainwash then animals to make them think want they want them to think. Squealer is the speaker for napoleon he’s an exceptional lair he convinces the animals that the pigs need special privileges to work. This can be seen by “comrades’ comrades he cried You do not imagine, I hope that we pigs are doing this in spirit of selfishness and privilege? Many of us actually dislike milk and apples . I dislike them myself . Our sole object in taking these things is to preserve our healthy” This show the abuse of power as they take things for there own selfish needs and uses their power and propaganda to brainwash the other animals. The author’s purpose was to show that how brainwashed the people living in the USSR shown threw how brainwashed the animals are as the unfairness the system the pigs run.

Napoleon helps me lay the text out by becoming the very thing they overthrew. The animal farm book is a warning sign to the readers about totellatersim. Throughout the book you can see the abuse of power but at the end of the novel the pigs start carry whips and walking on their hind legs like humans. Becoming the very thing they overthrew. And they change the all the comments all animals are equal but some are more equal than others” This show that power corrupts and they become the everything they overthrew.

My less favorite charteracter Napoleon helps me understand the allgoriale tale of animal farm by highlight some very important messages like the power of corruption and totalitarianism.

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A succinct intro - you might give a little bit more context about why you dislike the character in the intro (not in detail, just signposting what your argument will be).

You have some good ideas throughout this essay, some solid evidence woven in, and a clear sense of author’s purpose. I think you could unpack the “dislike” a little more - you say he is unlikeable because he abuses power - you could unpack WHY this is such an unlikeable trait to have.

In terms of style - you would benefit from using the author’s name a bit more - “Orwell crafts” “Orwell’s purpose here was to…” - it just makes you sound a bit more confident about his intentions and specific crafting choices. I would also suggest that you memorize and start to use some different verbs of analysis instead of “shows” - you might try words like “suggests, highlights, implies, reinforces, emphasizes, depicts, portrays, etc”.

Definitely on the right track - a good essay overall :slight_smile:

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