Animal Farm Essay <1

This essay will demonstrate how the propaganda and manipulation used to represent the real character of leaders in the book Animal Farm changed the perception of those in positions of power. This point is made in George Orwells Novel Animal farm. An idea that changed the reader’s perspective in the Novel was how the powerful characters in the animal farm were really the ones who manipulated there way into total control over the farm, aswell as use propaganda to convince the followers of the farm that the farm animals should be controlled by him.

Throughout the novel of Animal Farm, napoleon the pig gained total control over the farm. His goal from the start was to be the leader of the farm that he was mistreated on like the rest of the animals by Mr Jones. He started off by taking credit for Snowball’s improvements and ideas for the farm and crediting as his own ideas. With the animals watching on as napoleon seizes more and more control over the farm, he begins to mipukate them into following his lead. Neoplions leadership was gained through fear also, the fear of what happened to snowball.

Snowball was one of the main pigs and leaders on the farm until napoleon ran him off the farm which then he gained full control. When a litter of puppies were born on the farm neopion took them from their mother and trained them to be loyal to just him, when they had gotten fully trained neopion used them to run off snowball from the farm. Snowball was his main rival and now without him napoleon could gain total control over the farm. Napoleon had then used propaganda to convince the other farm animals that snowball had been working with the humans and had been a traitor from the start, which the animals beilved without hesitiation. A quote that showed the animals emotions was “The dogs scared the animals. They did not want to be affiliated with Snowball at all”. Napoleon had succeeded that fear was now struct into the animals, and they knew not to go against his rules in fear of the same thing would happen to them as it did to snowball.

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”. This shows the readers that napoleon knew he was better than the rest of the animals. This changed the reader perspective on how the power that napoleon had gained took total control and has now convinced himself and the rest of the animals that he is better that all of the other animals.

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