About Mathematics 3.3 – Apply trigonometric methods in solving problems

This achievement standard involves applying trigonometric methods in solving problems.

For achievement criteria, key tips, assessment, practice information and related links go to: Studyit Mathematics 3.3 – Trigonometry

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NZQA Mathematics resources
This page has links to the standards, assessment specifications, exam papers and assessment schedules (answers), the internal assessment tasks on TKI, exemplars of student work, and moderator reports.

Graphing Calculator help
For help with using your graphics calculator see:
Graphic Technologies: Worksheet downloads for the graphic calculator

Maths videos

Mathcentre has mathematical videos, textbooks and learning material on all the important mathematical topics.

Study Time has NCEA video tutorials and study cards for the external standards and also the past exams, schedules and student exemplars here .

Although the following videos are not for New Zealand NCEA, you may find these lessons useful for revision, as they explain each topic in depth. Keep a pad handy so you can work through the exercises with the presenter.
Scroll down the menu on the left and click on the topic you need. It will expand out to subtopics, Click on the on one you want and then one of the presenters in the middle column.

Khan Academy
This site has a large number of maths videos. uses Macromedia Flash Player for teaching differential calculus.

algbasics has tutorials on a range of topics. (Macromedia Flash® and sound required)

Algebra 2 has video tutorials on a range of topics.

This site has a range of videos for maths and other subjects.


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