About English 1.5 – Produce formal writing

This achievement standard involves drafting, reworking and presenting of at least one piece of formal writing.

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How did Hitler come to power? How many people died in WWII? 80 years ago, World War II was the deadliest conflict the world has ever seen. During WWII 75 million people died. Now more than ever, it is very important to remember what happened. We can do this by studying WWII in school. Here are my three points to why we should learn about WWII. First is to see how tyrants and dictators like Hitler rise to power. Secondly because of the people who died. Lastly to learn about how World War II shaped today’s society, politically, legally and other ways. Therefore, studying World War II at an early age is necessary.

My first point is to see/understand how tyrants/dictators rise to power. In the video from TEDEd it talks about how Adolf Hitler was very convincing in his speeches which made the people around him follow him. As it says in the video “His words found resonance in a society of anti-Semitic people”. (anti-Semitic people are people who hate Jewish people because they are Jewish). This proves my statement because we can learn at school how people like Hitler came to power. E.g. how they convinced so many people to get on their side. We can learn about this so we can stop any more wars from happening again.

My second point is about the people who died all the civilians, soldiers and the people from the holocaust. In the website it says, “Some 75 million people died in World War II, including about 20 million military personnel and 40 million civilians, many of whom died because of deliberate genocide, massacres, mass-bombings, disease and starvation”. This is very important because we must remember the people that sacrificed their lives for the future generations (us) so we could live peacefully. That is why we must make sure that we remember the memory of people who were at the warzone. A way we can do this is by learning this in school. We can honour the memory of those who died, fought so we can keep their memory alive.

My last point is about to learn about how World War II shaped today’s society, politically, legally and other ways. In this website it has a list about what is created after the war. An example of this is the creation of the United Nations. It says the United Nations was “founded in 1945 to prevent another conflict with the horrific consequences of World War II. A controversial organization from the start, the UN has nonetheless encouraged disarmament, promoted human rights, fought poverty, and worked to promote peace worldwide”. This is important and it proves my statement because today’s society is now more developed ever since the end of World War II. Examples of this is better radar, synthetic rubber, Kevlar, super glue, duct tape, The UN (The United Nations) and even more. Even though we can find out these things in our own free time but by learning this in school we can find out how these things were created specifically so we can understand it well.

At the end of World War II which happened 80 years ago it showed that it was the deadliest conflict the world has ever seen. As I said before it is important to remember what happened. We should be thankful for what they did because now everybody is now being nice to each other. Learning how dictators rose to power, learning about and remembering the people who died and how World War II shaped today’s society. This is a way we can honour them. But is there any other way we could do instead of war?

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