About Biology 2.4 – Demonstrate understanding of life processes at the cellular level

This achievement standard involves demonstrating understanding of life processes at the cellular level.

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Hi Everyone
How is study from home going? Do you have any questions about cells and cell processes?

In how much detail do we need to know each of the stages of respiration and photosynthesis? I know we don’t need to know the names of each stage, but in class we’ve learnt in lots of detail e.g. in the glycolysis stage of respiration, glucose splits into 2 pyruvates, releasing a hydrogen ion and high energy electron, which are picked up by NAD+ to form NADH. It also produces 2 ATP.
Will we need to write to this level of information in the external?
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Correct You don’t have to know the stages to answer. But the level of answer you have included in your eg above is good to know so that you can add it into answers as appropriate. Eg if you are asked about aerobic and anaerobic respiration you could explain about the difference in the number of ATP molecules produced in each process.

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Thank you for your help!

Lets us know if you have any more questions. We are willing to help :wink: